Why Use Stock Footage for Your Creative Projects?

Are you having problems with your creative projects? Sometimes, dealing with changing light, color balance and camera can be challenging. Although these can be solved by getting the right angle to the sun, changing shutter speeds, and lens flare to name a few, the easiest and quickest way is still using stock footage.

It’s cheaper. Stock footage can be one of the most flexible and cheapest tools to complete you creative projects. Why would you spend more time and money shooting a particular shot if a stock video of it exists? Many stock media sites offer stock videos for various budget levels. You don’t have to allot expenses for travel, food and talent. Simply choose a video from the stock library.

If you have no budget and you need sunset shots, establishing shots, and cavalry shots, what will you do? You can’t waste time and money you don’t have on shooting these scenes. Sure, people have done it and you may hire someone to do it for you. But, it will only cost you too much.

It’s safer. Nobody has ever been injured from using stock footage. Do you need to capture a set of office furniture? You don’t have ask your prop guys to build a desk for you. You can easily get a video from stock media agencies.

Of course, you can’t just steal stock footage. You need to purchase and download them from a stock media site like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. These agencies usually offer subscription plans or a la carte prices. You can choose whichever fits your creative needs and budget.

Learn how to use stock footage and save yourself from spending too much time and money. Spare yourself from complicated photoshoots by signing up to your favorite stock site and purchase a stock footage or subscribe to a plan. Some stock sites even offer free stock footage every week.

How to Use Cheap Stock Footage and Where to Find It


Sometimes, it isn’t just convenient to shoot everything yourself for your creative project. You may not have the right equipment to shoot high quality videos or you do not have the time do it yourself. Money constraints and limited skills are also factors that you should consider. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about all these with cheap stock footage. Whatever you need, you can probably find it online. But be careful where you get your clips. We recommend stock media agencies for legal guarantees.

Using Cheap Stock Footage

Cheap stock footage can be used in several ways. Especially if you do not have the right equipment to take the shot, you can purchase and download video clips with just a click of your hand. For instance, you need aerial views of the city or a glimpse of a historical event. You do not have to rent a helicopter or purchase a drone to get the video you need. Most of all, you cannot go back in time to get an authentic feel for your project.

Cheap stock footage can help communicate your ideas and build a more engaging overall video. You can combine clips to create a specific mood or promote an interesting effect. You can use stock footage to communicate the exact message and inspire your viewers with the right emotions.

When looking for stock footage to download, make sure you get the right format for your project. Match the resolution of your purchased clip to the rest of your video. Although you can convert formats, it is best to purchase the right one for easier editing and consistent quality.

Finding Cheap Stock Footage

HD stock footage used to be expensive, but that is not the case now. You can purchase cheap stock footage from reputable stock media agencies. While there are free stuff out there, we recommend getting the right license and releases with your video clips so you don’t have to deal with the copyright police in the future. More than that, you can be sure that you are getting high quality images and you are supporting talented artists around the world.

  • iStock. iStock has royalty-free, HD video, B-roll and stock footage from its collection of curated video clips. You can purchase cheap footages from the Essentials and Signature collections through credits – 6 and 18 credits each respectively.
  • Shutterstock. Shutterstock has over 4 million footages. You can download a single clip for as low as $19 for web purposes, $79 each for high definition, and $199 for 4K video clips. If you want to save more, you can purchase a pack that is right for you.

There are a number of stock media agencies in the Internet. You just have to find which suits your creative needs and budget best.   

Finding Cheap Stock Footage for Commercial Purposes

A video footage can be expensive because it is a product. Contributors have put in time, resources and expertise to create it. Since it is personal work, they can give a right price for it just as much as you have the right to buy it. But, that does not mean that you should go beyond your budget. You can also find cheap stock footage for commercial purposes. It can solve the problem you are having with expensive video footage.

finding cheap stock footage

Cheap stock footage is a really good option if you are creating a low-cost project. It helps you save time and money. Stock photo agencies already put a set of video clips on a package so you do not have to spend more money getting each clip. It also saves you time from searching for these various clips. Agencies have put them all together so you can easily integrate them in your video because they already match one another.

There is a wide range of cheap stock footage available for commercial purposes. Typically, its production standards are high so they can be integrated into high quality productions. In fact, many camera packages used for stock footage can cost more. Every single element in the footage must also be cleared for use. For instance, a video of woman shaking hands with another requires the necessary releases for both model and property.

Lots of time and effort have been put into creating and marketing a cheap stock footage. It offers a great deal as it is faster and cheaper than other video footages. If it’s a good stock footage, it should cost more. If you are looking for exclusivity, you should expect to pay more than the average price you see on stock photo agencies – considering that they can only be used once. Here are some equipment and resources needed to create a good cheap stock footage:

  • Travel time and related costs to carry equipment and staff
  • Camera, lights and other equipment used to capture video
  • Models, sound guy, perhaps a director
  • Film editor
  • Post-production activities such as color grading
  • Legal and insurance fees
  • Storage costs
  • Food

If you are looking for a good stock footage, there are a number of them in stock photo agencies. They are affordable, too. Of course, they cost more than a stock photo because, well, they are video clips. Do not think about getting them illegally. Just remember the equipment and resources required to create a good footage. You do not want to rob the artists of their hard work. Besides, you can face serious legal damages if you do.

Finding a cheap stock footage for commercial purposes should not be a difficult task – as long as you get them from the right source.